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Feet on a Ledge

Crowd on Train

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The train stopped over the river and I looked out the window to see feet standing on the bridge’s ledge.

Screams connected to those feet stung like being trapped outside a torture chamber. Words of desperation and pleas and promises broken.

The train was rush hour packed and a woman started hyperventilating while another started filming on her phone while a man cursed the inconvenience while another woman threatened to punch him if he didn’t shut up while I clenched my teeth.

Please be okay. Please be okay. Please be okay.

The train driver’s voice came over the loud speaker, “due to a sensitive situation on the bridge we are unable to move, please show compassion while we are here.”

Police officers spoke to her in even tones that were mumbles compared to her voice.

She talked of loss and how the health care system failed her and how much it all hurt.


Please be okay. Please be okay. Please be okay.

A broken glass shriek and we all turned away and covered our ears and my body stiffened.

A man beside me exclaimed, “They got her.”

A collective sigh. She’s okay. She’s okay. SHE’S OKAY.

People really die from mental illness. People cry for help because of mental illness. A girl stands on a ledge and another girl prays on a train because of mental illness.


We need to do better.


Photo by Adelin Preda on Unsplash.