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I Skipped Therapy to Get my Eyebrows Waxed

Through poetic and relatable story-telling, Barbara Baker shares about her early experiences with therapy, obstacles she faced getting started, and how she finally found the right fit.

Stop Sounding “Smart”: Using the Passive Voice

I’ve noticed students who are new to academic writing tend to overcompensate with their writing style. They don’t feel confident in their abilities so they attempt to emulate writers they believe “sound smart.”

Forget What You Wrote

To defamiliarize means to “To make (something) seem strange or unfamiliar” (OED). Defamiliarizing yourself with your writing will enhance your mental alertness and help you avoid reverting to autocorrect mode.

Do NOT Use a Thesaurus

I think I just heard a chorus of high school English teachers gasp. The conventional emphasis on using a thesaurus comes from a well-meaning place. Anyone who has told you to use a thesaurus while writing is trying to get you to expand your vocabulary. This is a worthwhile goal and the thesaurus does have its place in this. 

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